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Version 2.x


2.0.0 Testing Build 4

January 20, 2023

  • Added option to prevent users from changing their name and email address (Settings -> General -> Misc -> Allow Users to Change Account Details).
  • Added support for auto-detection of UEFI ROM (Libvirt capabilities).
  • Added option to disable cloud-init on a per VM basis (Server -> Settings -> Cloud-Init).
  • Added VM audit logs. (Admin -> Servers -> Audit & Server -> Audit).
  • Added server action throttling.
  • Added Self Service widget to End User dashboard.
  • Fixed various UI elements (Admin & End User).
  • Updated vendor bundles to latest versions.

2.0.0 Testing Build 3

January 10, 2023

  • Added support for Provisioner scripts (Shell, Powershell, Batch, Python).
  • Added write lock support to metrics datastore on VM migrations.
  • Improved Self Service package display settings with overrides.
  • Added Self Service package option to specify the number of IPv4 to be issued.
  • Fixed display issue with User Authentication Logs.
  • Added force IPv6 option to packages.
  • Added Name and Label overrides to Self Service hypervisor groups.

2.0.0 Testing Build 2

December 20, 2022

  • Fixed issue with saving server package settings.
  • Added token & hour totals to self service usage API endpoint.
  • Added option for end users to view a basic monthly usage breakdown of self service VMs.

2.0.0 Testing Build 1

December 17, 2022

  • Added support for end user Self Service.
  • Added support for NAT networking (including custom port & domain forwarding).
  • Added ability to customise the login screen with logo/background/text.
  • Added firewall rulesets (can be assigned to VM packages or directly to a VM).
  • Fixed multiple display bugs in the end user and admin UI (missing labels, un-flushed reactive data, object conversion...).
  • Fixed issue where end users couldn't assign multiple IPv6 addresses from certain subnet sizes.