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Custom ISO

VirtFusion 3.1+ supports custom ISO URLs for end users. Custom ISO's will be streamed from a remote server (not downloaded on the host).


Custom ISO support is disabled by default. Every effort has been made to make sure this feature is as secure as possible, however, the ISO is in the control of the end user. There is no guarantee that the ISO loaded will be a legitimate ISO image.


Enabling Custom ISO support


If any of your hypervisors were installed before Friday 24th November 2023, they may be missing an important package that is required for this feature to function correctly.


apt-get install qemu-block-extra


dnf install qemu-kvm-block-curl


You can enable Custom ISO support globally for all servers that inherit this global setting (servers inherit by default) by enabling Settings -> Virtualization -> Custom ISO.


Per Server

You can enable (or disable) Custom ISO on a per server basis Server -> Settings -> General -> OS -> Custom ISO