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Installing the control server on AlmaLinux 9

curl | sh -s -- --verbose
If the curl command is missing, install it using:dnf install curl -y

Once the installer has completed the installation process, a URL and temporary username & password will be given.


SSL setup

A stock installation will generate a self-signed SSL certificate but this is probably not what you need. You can use ZeroSSL to generate a signed set of certificates for your domain at no cost.

Make sure you have an A record pointing to the control server IP in your DNS records before using this feature.



wget -O - | sh
. ~/.bashrc

Register an account at ZeroSSL (replace YOUR_EMAIL with your own email address). --register-account \
        --server zerossl \
        -m YOUR_EMAIL

Or if you already have an account at ZeroSSL. --register-account \
        --server zerossl \
        --eab-kid  xxxxxxxxxxxx  \
        --eab-hmac-key  xxxxxxxxx

Generate a certificate (replace DOMAIN.COM with your own domain). --issue \
        --webroot /opt/virtfusion/nginx/acme \
        --ocsp-must-staple \
        --keylength 4096 \
        --server zerossl \
        -d DOMAIN.COM

Install certificate (replace DOMAIN.COM with your own domain). --installcert \
        --keypath /opt/virtfusion/ssl/ssl.key \
        --fullchainpath /opt/virtfusion/ssl/ssl.crt \
        --reloadcmd "systemctl reload vf-nginx" \
        -d DOMAIN.COM

Activating a license

Login to VirtFusion with the new login details that were generated on installation.

You will be given the options to either generate an evaluation license or enter an existing license key.