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Version: 4.2


The firewall feature blocks connectivity to other VMS

This issue is usually caused by the UFW firewall on the hypervisor. The fix is pretty simple with a one time only command.

ufw default allow routed

Re-commissioned but receiving the error commission status done

This happens when the hypervisor has already been locked to a control server. Usually the hypervisor should be re-installed as it may contain files or even virtual servers which may conflict if you add it to a new control server.

If you are sure the hypervisor is clean, you can remove the file /opt/virtfusion/app/hypervisor/conf/auth.json to allow it to be re-linked.

I receive error: Unable to get index for interface eth0: No such device when booting a server

You will receive this error if you are attempting to use MacVTap networking and the interface is specified incorrectly under the hypervisor network settings.

Find the name of your primary interface using ip a on the hypervisor and update Hypervisor -> Networks -> Primary Network -> Interface Name with the correct name.

How do i enable nested virtualization

Nested virtualization is enabled by default if a virtual server uses the host-passthrough CPU model. You may disable nested virtualization by toggling the appropriate extra CPU flags (svm/vmx) to disable.

Server console previews are not working

Console previews require ImageMagick installed on a hypervisor. With older installations of VirtFusion this package may be missing and will need installing.


dnf install ImageMagick


apt install imagemagick