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Version: 1.9

Optimizing Windows Deployment

VirtFusion v1.9+ supports Hyper-V Enlightenments for Windows servers. These features make Windows servers think they’re running on top of a Hyper-V compatible hypervisor and use Hyper-V specific features.


Optimization settings are located in several areas of the admin interface and work with hypervisor level inheritance. The first place to configure settings is on a per hypervisor basis.

Hypervisor Level Settings


These hypervisor level settings will be used by a Windows template when a Windows operating system is deployed.

Template Level Settings


Template level settings can either be inherited from the hypervisor settings or configured independently.

Server Level Settings


All settings can be configured at server level. Server level settings also contain a description of what each setting does.

Deploying RDP Ready Servers

VirtFusion contains a mechanism to deploy optimized RDP ready servers.

Configure Template.

You can use any of the stock Windows templates by changing the Deployment Profile under the template settings to Windows Direct RDP


You may also want to change the description and email excerpt as the new deployment profile will set an Administrator password automatically and email the credentials directly to the user once ready.


You can now deploy servers as normal and the user will be emailed connection details when the build completes.

Your server 'Super Dooper' has been installed with a fresh copy of Windows Server 2022 and is now ready for use.

You can access your server via Remote Desktop with the following credentials: Address:

Port: 3389

User: Administrator

Password: gV6R4N8cMkVNEJjHutRG

To improve security, we recommend that you change the password on first log in.

Please note it may take a short while before the above credentials are fully active.

Thanks, Demo Cloud Ltd